Overview of Hydrocapsule

The polymeric coating or outer shell/membrane of a HYDROCAPSULE® is made up of a specific composition of chemical compounds. Any unique liquid mixture of chemical compounds combined in specific ratio to make-up a HYDROCAPSULE® coating with specific properties is called a “FORMULATION”. There are many HYDROCAPSULE® FORMULATIONS. Each having unique physical and chemical properties, and are all proprietary Hydrocapsule company Trade-Secrets. Each FORMULATION has its own code number.The acronym “HEM” stands for HYDROCAPSULE® Encapsulation Machine, and refers to any machine, device or mechanical process that makes HYDROCAPSULE®.

The methods, materials, chemical processes and machine hardware used to produce HYDROCAPSULE® are Patented U.S. Patent ( No. 6,780,507) and is solely owned by Hydrocapsule Inc.

The term “HYDROCAPSULE®”, is a U.S. Registered Trademark (Reg. No. 2,468,415), solely owned by Hydrocapsule Inc. It is defined as a discrete capsule(s) or microcapsule(s), of any size, shape, composition and color, which has a polymeric outer coating (shell or membrane) that surrounds any inner liquid mixture having 10% to 100% water content. The capsules are typically round, but can be any shape, and range in size from 100 microns to 2 centimeters in diameter, and are typically between 2 to 3 millimeters.