Hydrocapsule Featured in Drug Delivery Technology Magazine

Article Abstract:

DDTHCArticleA new encapsulation technology developed by Analytical Research Systems, Inc. (ARS Inc., Gainesville, FL) with funding support from the USDA SBIR Program Office provides for a unique method of encapsulating a wide range of aqueous-based liquids with a cross-linked polymeric outer shell that can be used to deliver nutrients, vitamins, drugs, vaccines, and other chemical compounds. The method, originally developed for use in encapsulating aqueousbased solutions for entomological and agricultural applications, has the special capability of encapsulating live beneficial organisms, tissues, viruses, cells, bacteria, and fungi that need to be stored and delivered in aqueous solution. The liquid-filled capsules produced by this method are called Hydrocapsules® and have many potential applications in both veterinary and human pharmaceutical, medical, and dental sciences.

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