Hydrocapsule Moves to 35000 Square Foot Facility in North Georgia

Hydrocapsule Inc. and Robert Stack Jr. Operations manager for American Autoclave have signed a Joint Development Agreement whereas American Autoclave’s 35,000 sq. foot facility will provide an industrial location including manufacturing and engineering expertise for the Hydrocapsule system. Over the next few months, Hydrocapsule Inc. will be settling into this new scale up facility in Jasper Georgia to further it’s development program for commercial manufacture of encapsulated products. Mr. Robert Stack brings decades of experience and will assist in engineering improvements and several other key aspects of the Hydrocapsule System.

These two developments come upon the heels of the first person to our advisory board, Mr. David Lerner as Senior VP – Director of Business Development. Mr Lerner was the Founder and President of Quick-Med Technologies Inc. for 16 years. A publicly traded bio tech/life science company in the fields of Antimicrobials,Wound Care, ChemBio, Medical Devices and Consumer products. His primary goal was to bring leap ahead technologies to market via a licensing business model. He earned his BAA from the City of New York University.

We are very excited to have been offered the opportunity to work with Mr. Stack and Mr. Lerner. Our goal is to build a state of the art facility to bring Hydrocapsule to market as a platform technology across multiple lines of business from consumer products to pharmaceutics.